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Code demos

This website

I developed and designed my personal website, and you see how it works right now :)

But source code is not available. So, only "how it works" experience.

Inside: JavaScript, Next.js, SCSS and Oiii! JS

Oiii! JS

My first open-source JavaScript library. It is designed to create beautiful and simple image and video viewer.

And I think I got my goals. Simple, lightweight and just works. This library also works through all this website so you can touch any image here and watch what happens.

Inside: JavaScript and SCSS

kcalorizer – calorie calculator

Warning: first load may take a while, because app hosted in USA. Also please use PC and not mobile.

This is my React code demo – Kcal calculator.

It mostly my coding ability demonstration so don’t worry about design, my fault. Also used Strapi as backend/API, where products, images, and all the information stored. Source code is fully available at GitHub.

Inside: JavaScript, React, Redux, SCSS and Strapi (backend, database)