Evgeny Berezin - Design demos

Design demos

This website

I designed my personal website, and you see how it looks right now :)

HyperPop – audio player

Specific audio player for unique hyperpop listeners

Subtitles editor and translator

Recently I search for some subtitle editor application and all of them ugly and without key features that I think must be in program of that class in 2020. So I designed a new one :)

Spotify iOS App Design - Closer look

My try in redesign of Spotify iOS app

Spotify iOS App Design

My try in redesign of Spotify iOS app

Everything (VRTHNG), Kitten & 4itak

Logotypes or avatars for telegram channels

Neon Map or Neon Navigation

Just small Neon Map window/widget with north pointer

Sign in Modal

Authorization modal window

Discoverivan – Ivan Pritychenko

Simple personal website design for my friend

Be Astronaut: Through The Stars

UI/UX for my own game. The game was created with my friend